What is Spot / Localized Cryotherapy ?

While whole body cryotherapy helps to rejuvenate and alleviate pain from your entire body, spot or localized cryotherapy focuses solely on an isolated area of the body. This allows for accelerated experiences of pain relief for those targeted areas. A Cryo Wand is used to pass a concentrated stream of vaporized nitrogen air, with temperatures between -110℃ to -130℃, over the selected area for 5 to 8 minutes.
Spot cryotherapy works by exposing selected areas of your body to nitrogen gas to activate natural response mechanisms that help reduce inflammation, minimize swelling, and promote healing overall. Sound familiar? That’s because spot / localized cryotherapy works the same way as whole body cryotherapy to help body parts engage in vasoconstriction and produce benefits!

Spot/Localized Cryotherapy may be a better alternative for those individuals interested in healing targeted parts of the body, are unable to enter or be in the cryochamber, or are looking for expedited results for problem areas or after surgery. Visit the Pricing Page to book your session!