How Many Treatments Do You Need?

Why did you come to Cryo Heal?

Reason for VisitingMinimum # of Treatments Needed
Energy Boost and General Wellness1-2 times/week
General Workout Recovery2-3 times/week
Intense Workout Recovery2-5 times/week
Pro-Athlete1-2 times/day
Injury Recovery3-5 times/week
Post-Surgical Recovery3-5 times/week
Chronic Pain3-5 times/week
Chronic Illness1-2 times/day*

First Time at Cryo Heal?

If it is your first time visiting Cryo Heal and/or doing cryotherapy, we recommend you start with 10-20 treatments within 2-3 weeks; you might do an initial 2 week treatment of 5-7 sessions a week or you can spread the 10-20 sessions over a 3 week period with no more than 2 days in between each session. By starting with 10-20 sessions in such a short time, you body will be able to reset and re-adjust itself. After that, you can continue getting cryotherapy treatments x times a week depending on your reason for visiting (refer to our “Why did you come to Cryo Heal” chart for reference).

Cryotherapy Regular?

If you’re an avid cryotherapy user (eg. you have 5-7 treatments per week), be sure to have a “maintenance month” after every 3 months of continuous cryotherapy treatment. Your body can start to build an immunity to the effects of cryotherapy as you attend your sessions. We advise patients to come in for treatments once a week for a month to maintain the benefits they gain from doing cryotherapy and to prevent gaining an immunity to it. After this “maintenance month”, you can again continue using cryotherapy as you normally would! If you’re still unsure, refer to the calendar below to see what a year of cryotherapy might look like for you.

Regular CryotherapyRegular CryotherapyRegular CryotherapyMaintenance MonthRegular CryotherapyRegular Cryotherapy
Regular CryotherapyMaintenance MonthRegular CryotherapyRegular CryotherapyRegular CryotherapyMaintenance Month
*For those users with chronic illnesses, the effects from coming in daily for 2-3 weeks have been found to last as long as 9-12 months